"Fish Foam is awesome stuff! I can’t believe how clean it gets everything and no streaks or drips. My husband was laughing last night because I was going around the house spraying Fish Foam on everything… windows, mirrors, glass tables and counter tops. It’s a great product!"

- Linda Amptmann from St. Louis, MO 

 "Who knew cleaning glass could be so fun? My cat Lily, proudly leaves her footprints all over my glass end-tables, and nothing gets rid of them like Fish Foam! And when I clean the refrigerator shelves with it I don't have to worry about the chemicals drifting into her food dish. I use my wonderful Fish Foam. I love that stuff!"

-Lauren Deibel from St. Louis, MO 

"I decided to take some Fish Foam for the drawings we have at our Chamber of Commerce events.  As you can imagine it drew some chuckles and I had to explain it was not recommended for marinating your salmon but worked great on windows, mirrors, and light fixtures.  I have stuck with it through many events and now people that have won Fish Foam in the past started asking me how they could get more.  Now when I hold the can up for the drawings they start chanting FISH FOAM! FISH FOAM!" 

 -Jim Brown from Mesa, AZ 

"I really love how clean the glass gets using your product!  A little goes a long way.  I'm hoping my three cans last me a long time here at my house!" 

 - Gail from My Repurposed Life in Louisville, KY 

"It's the only glass cleaner I have in my home that I use for more than just cleaning windows.  I can't keep it in stock, my husband loves giving away to friends and family."

-Angie Masters from St. Louis, MO